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Felix Borzik

About Me

Who I am

As you already know, my name is Felix. I was born in Lugansk, Ukraine. And I have beautiful wife, cool dad, careful mum, and lovely sister.

I like basketball, 'Castle' (TV-show), David Fincher's 'The Game' and sushi.

Also I like helping people. I take part in a kind of social program which helps people feel happier. That's really great work and I'm proud of doing that job.

As for programming, I've tried PHP at first, but didn't like it. So I've switched to Ruby. Scroll down to see my other experiences.

  • Based in
    Kyiv, UA
  • Age
  • Working at


Here you can see some projects/companies I have co-operated with during my career:

  • 2012current


    I lead my clients from the time when they get PSD from designer, until the app is ready and launched.

  • 2014current

    Full Stack developer

    Social network for artists and their followers. Stack: Ruby on Rails + Backbone.js (SPA).

  • 2014

    Backend API developer

    Event photo sharing solution which has mobile and desktop apps present. Primarily used Rails.

  • 20132014

    Full stack web-developer

    Time tracking and invoicing application. Primarily built with Ruby On Rails and Backbone.js. I have started its development and led it to launch.

  • 2013

    RoR/JS developer

    Service for shops to sell their products online. Sandwiches, burgers are delivered right to your office.

  • 2013


    Some projects I have been working on include Discovery Russia Channel Anniversary page, one game for DMAX Channel…


Full-Stack web developer is the person which is responsible for everything. Whether you know how the web works or don't, I can help you taking decisions. Front-end, back-end, server setup - that's all full-stack developer is responsible of.

For example: you have a GREAT idea and money. But you don't know beans about websites and servers etc. What would you do? An option that I propose is to find good full-stack developer. He can consult you about technologies, also he can help you to make some major decisions.

Of course it's the worst option to ask only one expert. So ask two or three. They'll explain you the reasons why each of them is better. And you'll choose. That's easy :)

So don't worry and feel free to ask anything you need to know about web-development.

  • Research and consulting

    When you don't know which technology to choose or which programming language to prefer, just ask me. I'll be glad to explain everything for you.

  • Application architecture

    That's really important. If your app will be agile and well-designed, you'll have your fixes and improvements much faster.

  • Web Development

    Everything including front-end (client side) and back-end (server side). That bundle will let you have very responsive, yet very powerful application.

  • Support

    When we finish our cooperation, I won't leave you alone. I'll help you to move further, add new features, get clients, and develop your business if you want to.

Web development skills

As a full-stack web-developer, I'm expected to be familiar with many technologies. There are listed some of them:

  • 95%


    Languages used for rendering you beautiful sites in modern browsers.

  • 90%


    That language got both front-end and back-end spreading.

  • 95%

    Ruby On Rails

    Very powerful and flexible back-end framework which uses Ruby programming language.

  • 100%


    One of the most popular front end Javascript frameworks. I often use it with Marionette.


I like what I do, and I think that's the most important in everyone's job. Everyone can get the best results by doing what he likes, not others.

  • Communicative

  • Concentrated

  • Flexible

  • Reliable

  • Fast learning

  • Managing

Other tools

There are lots and lots of techniques and tools: Agile, TDD, Git, and others.

  • Learning
    Not Bad
  • Git
  • Golang
  • Linux

Contact Details

Feel free to contact me. Any day, any time. I'll be glad to let you know everything you want to :) And I hope for productive cooperation. We will make it!

  • +380 (066) 208 68 58
  • Grigorenka ave. 16, 02081, Kiev, UA
  • borzik1992


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